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ThreeHundred&Five Series

We are so pumped to be sharing with you the very 1st drop in our ThreeHundred&Five series. What's that you ask? It's our way of paying homage to all of the dope artists and creators from our humble area code. We look forward to collaborating throughout the year on limited drops with these 305 legends, hence the name, ThreeHundred&Five. It's with a lot of pride that we announce our first collaborator on this special project to be none other than ATOMIK. His work speaks for itself. Raised in the county of Dade, and an integral part of the art scene for decades. From his signature tag to his iconic Orange character, his work has made it around the globe, but will always rep MIA hard. Big thanks go to him for the support and the badass design he hooked it up with. We can't wait to see you rocking these pieces around town and beyond, and we're eager to continue to celebrate our local heroes through our ThreeHundred&Five series.